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Case Study

We had a customer call us in a huff because her tenant was acting frantic regarding her (possible) water bill. This tenant uses WaterScope to monitor her usage every few days, and noticed a leak started occurring at .78 GPM. She couldn’t find any wet floors, the faucets were not dripping, nor was her toilet running. The tenant was scratching their head wondering where the leak came from. After having a plumber check out the home, the discovered the leak was happening at the hot water heater, and the leak was going under her home into the ground. The cause of the tenants anxiety was they thought they were going to get $1000 water bill.

The leak occurred from 4/19 – midday on 4/26 about 7.5 days. ( (1440 x 7.5) = 10,800minutes x .78GPM = 8,424 gallons) If the water rate is .0078 & sewer is .005 then the cost of the leak is approx. $107.12

They were able to fix the leak in about a week, however the tenant was very concerned they were going to have a massive water bill due to the leak. Because we were able to determine how much water was lost to the leak, we were able to tell the tenant the exact cost of the leak and ease their worries right away.

If we did not have access to this technology, the tenant would not have seen or heard the leak in her home, and the leak of .78 GPM continued to occur for the remaining of the billing cycle, which was the 15th, so 19 days later. ( (.78 x 1440 = 1,123 gallons per day.) 1123g x 19days = 21,340 gallons x .0078 = $166.45 plus $106 for sewer = $273.15 ) This tenant was able to save themselves over $250 in Water in one month by monitoring their usage in WaterScope.



  • VN Smart Meter – Cellular Connection – Verizon LTE Network
  • WaterScope smart water management portal
  • innoV8 Gateway smart water meters
  • Metron’s Table Communicator app for PC, mobile devices and tablet


Says Kraner: “It reads once an hour. We see it on WaterScope as a new reading. The response rate on water usage on that meter helps save residents larger water bills.”

WaterScope submetering system subsidizes costs with daily/hourly readings: 

  • Increased efficiency from first read to final monthly bill
  • No infrastructure or maintenance costs
  • Cloud-based analytics platform

Metron’s immediate benefits:

  • Automatic leak detection
  • Streamlined billing rates and management
  • Accurate and timely data to respond to tenant inquiries
  • Tenants monitor usage on smartphone, PC or tablet

Dayton Estates: 27 units

  • Before installing Metron submeters:
    • Monthly water bill: $2,111.55
    • Monthly water use: 438,358 gallons
  • After installing Metron submeters
    • Monthly water bill: $1,440.17
    • Monthly water use: 264,062 gallons


Savings: $671 per month; a 31% reduction in monthly water bills.
Cost: Less than $10K
Solution: Submeters paid for itself in 14 months

Company Details

Owner, Todd Kraner of Point Management
Point Management, LLC – Dayton, Ohio
Todd Kraner, Owner


  • Coastal Paradise, LLC
  • Dayton Estates, LLC
  • Eastland Estates, LLC
  • Felicity Estates, LLC
  • Summerville Estates, LLC

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