View water use
for every household in your community with our turnkey submetering solution.
Identify usage patterns
to help conserve the most precious resource we have.
Get email alerts
including leak detection, high usage, and temperature control.
Use actionable data
for every household in your community with our turnkey submetering solution.

Save money, water and time with the industry’s leading water submetering solution
With Metron’s Sustainable Solutions for mobile home parks you can greatly reduce the risk of major and minor leaks and pinpoint exactly where they started. Our submetering solution puts you in complete control.
Here are the products we offer to submeter a multi-dwelling community and how they work together:


Our meters are made of durable FRC (composite) and meant to last for the life of your units. They have a freeze plate built in that is designed to break the body of the meter before it breaks any pipes, giving protection from a more costly repair. The inside electronics of the meters are coated with urethane to further protect them from the elements.

The meters have a single-jet impeller blade built inside to measure the water passing through it and is designed to always allow the tenant to have access to their water. The meters have a tamper-proof body so that residents can trust they are always getting an accurate read from the meter.


With the innov8-VN, water usage is captured every five minutes. The Innov8-VN register stores this data and sends the information via the Virtual Network to our submetering utility management software: WaterScope. This type of meter offers granular data, and can detect lower flow leaks and water usage.

VN? Well, that stands for Virtual Network.
You might also call it: Very Nifty!


The Metron Sustainable Services meters chirp via radio wave to a gateway receiver that is easily installed and centrally located in the mobile home park. They transmit information once per day to our servers via the Verizon Cellular Network which in turn updates the WaterScope web portal so you can view, utilize and manage your data.

The meters collect water data all day and communicate the information to the Gateway receiver at your park, sending a signal once an hour. The gateway then gathers all the data and sends it to our proprietary web portal via the Verizon Network once a day.

Park owners, community managers and tenants alike can view the data online and see any leaks or other conditions on a daily basis, so the tenants can readily act on issues.

VN Retrofitting

Retrofit any water meter into a smart water meter. You can build on your community’s existing infrastructure and simply add our innov8 registers to it. It’s completely scalable with universal endpoints that retrofit to your existing water meters. This makes your reading so much more accurate and timelier! Request further detailed information.

WaterScope submetering utility management software

View real-time, down-to-the-gallon water use for every household in your community with a one-stop, turnkey system. Visualize water use patterns, detect leaks, identify high usage and prevent costly damage. Metron’s proprietary utility and consumer cloud-based web portal and app allows you to bill residents directly based on actual water use, and plugs directly into your existing billing system.

The power of WaterScope


Metron Sustainable Services offers full-service installation at communities in most states, with flexible installation plans. We have crews of experienced professionals across the nation ready to install.

We also offer a “self-installation” package. For a reduced price, we send the meters to you and give you the ability to install them at your own pace. Our flexible options work well for any multi-family situation. Learn more information »


One proven system, two unique solutions
Metron Sustainable Services offers two turnkey water management solutions to give you industry-leading control of your most important resource.

No matter which submetering solution you choose, you can count on an excellent service experience from start to finish. We stand behind our cutting-edge equipment and software — maintenance is included for the life of your contract.

Submetering is the Future
Here’s Why!

Our innov8 registers have a transmitter, either radio or cellular, that uses long lasting batteries – those batteries should last over ten years from the day we install.

We maintain the meters for the life of the contract which is five years.

Access can be shared with on-site personnel. Individual log-ins can be created for users with different admin levels, including:

  • Unit owner/residents: Consumer Portal
  • Property manager: Utility Portal
  • Senior level execs with a whole portfolio of properties: Utility Portal‌

Our innov8 registers and Gateway do not need an on-site power source or on-site internet access.

The system is intuitive and gives amazing data to the user and property owner, including alerts for high usage and leaks.

We can also create consumption reports and do individual residential billing.

We offer API’s to any billing system.

Our services include an online webinar tutorial on the WaterScope submetering utility management software and ongoing technical and account support.