It’s Win-Win with Water Submetering!

Look at all the benefits for a mobile home park owner to take the plunge into sub-metering water use in your community.

When you sub-meter your mobile home park’s use of water, you make your tenants responsible for their own water usage and hyper-aware of the costs. The high-water users are no longer getting a free ride and everyone is billed more equitably. That can lead to park-wide harmony.

Plus, by sub-metering, you’ll reduce water consumption by up to 30%- 40%, preserve and enhance your property values, detect wasteful leaks before they turn from a trickle into a torrent, and save thousands monthly in water utility costs.

Can we get a Kumbaya? Costs savings, eco-conscious, tenant- pleasing-power at the point of water entry and egress. Every faucet, tap, flush – all accounted for. Every drip counts.

This can only be good news for the park owner. Request info.

Tell Me More Good News!

It doesn’t take much to derive the benefits of sub-metering. First, water sub-metering pays for itself in savings in just a few months. And the beauty part? Once you pay for the installation, all other costs will be covered by residents in their individual monthly water bills.

Metron’s Sustainable Services team scopes out just what will be required in your park and in what time span. Then for one small installation price, you are set to portion out the use of water, unit by unit. Water usage data is securely transmitted and meter reading is automated. There are superior data analytics and you’ll have low flow measurements at your fingertips.

The master view will be yours but each resident will also be able to access their own usage via a consumer portal that’s easy to read and understand. Here’s what that looks like:




This graph shows 24 hours worth of consumption, starting at midnight (00:00). The tenant can set their own monthly water budget, view data from any given date, and monitor notifications.

Imagine a time when tenants are billed precisely for their individual water usage each month. Down to the last drop. Other residents of the park are not paying for a neighbor’s irresponsible water usage. Resentments don’t build up. Equitable billing is the key to harmony in the park!

Virtue is its Own Reward

Support your residents with more information about their water usage and provide useful insights month to month. In so doing, you will create consumption awareness amongst residents. When you know what your water is truly costing you – you use less. You waste less! You watch your faucets, drains and hoses for leakage more than ever…. and are naturally economizing and careful. Conservation becomes primary in every resident’s approach to water usage.

What’s Not to Love Here?

Water is a diminishing resource. With sub-metering, you preserve more of it. That’s simple eco- wisdom. You help preserve water, park-by-park, by educating consumers on how much consumption they use. These small measures really add up to the big picture on your water bill every month. We bet you won’t see a random puddle anywhere on the property.

To Sum Up – Submetering is Your All-Inclusive Solution!

You save potentially thousands in water utility costs every month. You mitigate rising water utility costs by apportioning the usage equitably throughout the park. You address water problems before they become major repairs – sub-metering lets you know when there’s a constant drip before it grows to a drop or a disaster. You eliminate water waste, which saves that precious resource.

The water consumption information at your fingertips is as accurate as you can get and it’s ultra-timely. You avoid penalties by staying in compliance with state and city water sub-metering mandates. You can even maintain competitive land rents by keeping water costs low!

That All Seems Like a Win/Win to Us!

“In just one day these meters have highlighted a 60,000 gallon per week over-usage. We are busy with repairs right now. I already love these meters.”
– Glenn Currier, Mt Pleasant MHP

To get your park on board with water sub-metering, click here to get more information.