How Submetering Works

You, Mr. or Mrs. Park Owner, probably get your water bill from a utility provider, and its readings are based strictly on the park’s master meter. Your park’s water bill cannot be assigned to individual units and so is apportioned to residents on their monthly rent bill as a flat fee. Whoops! This way there’s no incentive for residents to tell you about leaks in a toilet or to not let the shower run forever. (A Harvard study found that an 8-minute long shower with a standard head uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute and that equals 20 whopping gallons of water for the average shower!)

Enter: Submetering.

To submeter a community’s water use, a water meter is installed at each residential unit right where the fresh water supply line enters the home, usually inside. (Meters can also be placed in the clubhouse and onto irrigation lines.)

In a home, the meter is placed before the water lines divide to hot and cold, prior to any hose connections. Most modern submeters are electronic and download usage information to a tablet, computer application, or to a web portal. Some meters communicate via radio through the Gateway cellular repeater. Other registers use a cellular network communicating directly to the cloud-based WaterScope Portal using the Virtual Network (VN).

Once the submeters are installed in the community, the data is then uploaded to the cloud, and users will have access to this data the very next day. The park management or the designated submetering company take a consumption reading from each home on a defined day of the month via the web.

Then, using utility billing software and the local water rates and tiers that have been preloaded into it, each home is properly billed for the amount of water used. Submetering can be an all-inclusive solution for your water utility management, ideally suited to the needs of multi-family housing rental property owners, mobile home park owners, homeowner associations, and commercial building administrators.

What Does it Take to Get Submetering Going?

Our submeters can be purchased with extremely low startup costs and flexible plans can be adapted over time with a nominal monthly fee added onto each residential water bill.

First, call us. We are experts at submetering water throughout large and small communities alike. We’ll do an analysis of how many units you’ll need, what is the best way to transmit data (VN or Gateway), how to provide usage information to you and to your owners, and what the timeline would be.

What happens then? Well, we’re uniquely hands-on. We’ll come to your location with all the right equipment and can do a full install – or guide you in a DIY-approach. Either way, we’ll know what’s needed in advance.

Get a Grip on the Drips!

There are many ways to approach submetering and all of them are fairly painless. Your next move is to get on the phone with one of our experts. That’s when you’ll find out how you can benefit from submetering with answers tailored right to your situation. Start conserving today!
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