Question: How does submetering benefit a tenant?
Answer: A tenant gets information about water leaks in his/her home more quickly. Plus billing is much fairer than RUB – which often rubs residents the wrong way! Rated Utility Billing (RUBS) is outdated now. Ratio utility billing (RUB) is upside down, rewarding bad behavior with lower bills and punishing conservation with higher bills. Our system rights that wrong, billing fairly and rewarding smart water usage.

With our submetering, the end user is billed only for their water usage – not their neighbors! What’s more, tenants can discover their trends of usage and peaks and valleys, just by looking at individual consumer data through our WaterScope tool.

Question: What are the various types of submeters?
Answer: Metron’s smart water meters come in two styles:
1) Radio submeters, otherwise known as innov8-Gateway submeters
2) The innov8-VN which is based on Wireless Technology powered by the Verizon Network

Question: Do you provide billing to the tenants?
Answer: We provide the option to directly invoice your tenants for their water use based on water district rates.

Question: What are your warranty terms?
Answer: Metron Sustainable Services’ submeters hold a five-year warranty with the exception of tampering.

Question: How can I know you are reliable – that you won’t let me down if I’ve got a problem down the road?
Answer: Our parent company, Metron-Farnier has been in business since 1990. The firm is heavily invested in the future of mobile home park submetering, seeing that market expanding with an increase in boomer population. We’ll be there for you! Our agreements will spell out the reasons to have confidence in just that.

Do YOU have a question? Just call us. A quick phone call will provide you with amazing insights on how to fairly distribute water costs throughout your facility and capture specific usage per residence.