Metron-Farnier Acquires WaterSignal!


Metron-Farnier Acquires WaterSignal to Further Expand Customer Insights and Savings

BOULDER, Color. – July 25, 2023 – Metron-Farnier LLC (“Metron”), a leader in transformative Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology, has acquired Georgia-based WaterSignal, a recognized innovator in real-time analytics for water conservation.

This acquisition, the first since Metron partnered with XPV Water Partners in 2019, positions Metron to expand its offerings, continue to rapidly deploy its solutions, and support new customers in strategic growth markets, including the real estate sector.

“As many states determine the path forward in a future with increasingly limited water supplies and failing water infrastructure, accurately monitoring and accounting for water use has become critical,” said Matt Laird, CEO, Metron. “Our industry-leading, high resolution water usage analytics are helping our customers locate leaks and system failures, reduce water loss, prioritize repairs, improve revenue streams, and better manage demand.”

He added that the Metron team is thrilled to welcome WaterSignal to the family. “We are motivated to achieve record results that make a significant difference for our customers. Combining our teams’ invaluable expertise and innovative technologies will allow Metron to offer expanded solutions to reach strategic markets and further improve insights and savings.”

Aaron Beasley, Executive Vice President, WaterSignal said: “We’re proud to be joining Metron. The team listens carefully to its customers and delivers metering data resolution that nobody else in the market has been able to achieve. We share many of the same values and look forward to working together.”

“Metron offers the water industry a truly game-changing software solution that helps customers not only track but deeply understand water use and water systems,” said Khalil Maalouf, Investment Partner, XPV Water Partners. “We’re delighted to see Metron accelerate growth to meet demand for its critical services and contribute to a water secure future.”

About Metron-Farnier LLC

With its smart metering solutions and cloud-based WaterScope software, Metron-Farnier provides customers with industry-leading, real-time water use analytics. Located in Boulder, Colorado’s high-tech hub, the company also sells the industry’s most durable and reliable water meters for commercial, residential, and fire service use. Learn more:

About Water Signal

WaterSignal is a recognized innovator in water conservation. Leveraging over two decades of engineering expertise, WaterSignal continuously monitors water flow in real time to detect leaks and abnormal consumption and conserve water for residential, commercial, multifamily, senior living, medical, schools and colleges nationwide. Learn more:

About XPV Water Partners

XPV Water Partners is a team of experienced operators and investors who are committed to making a difference in water. The firm manages investment capital from some of the world’s top institutional investors, and partners with emerging water-related companies to help them rapidly expand and achieve their strategic goals. XPV aims to generate strong, risk-adjusted returns for its investors by leveraging its trusted ecosystem, deep industry knowledge, and its water centric company scaling platform. XPV is committed to building partnerships that contribute to growing people, sustainable businesses, prosperous communities, and a water secure future. Learn more: 

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About Us – Metron Sustainable Services

Metron Sustainable Services focuses entirely on submetering. The parent company, based in Boulder, Colorado, has been providing advanced water metering solutions for over thirty years to complex and mission-critical municipalities across the United States.

Metron is one of the leading providers of water meters and internet- accessible water consumption data. It was only natural to bring the company’s significant expertise in water metering to mobile home parks and multiple dwelling facilities.

It was an ‘untapped’ market for our turnkey, smart-water technology approach. With the industry’s highest data resolution and AMI reporting, Metron Sustainable Services filled a niche early on. The company fabricates and assembles much of its product in Colorado and has enjoyed a reputation for quality manufacturing that stands the test of time …. and weather!


Submetering is a way of getting control of escalating water costs, distributing the resource’s cost fairly based on actual consumption per unit, and limiting waste of precious fresh water.


According to Mobile Home University, and Frank and Dave themselves, Metron’s solution for mobile home parks is the “best utility submetering option in the industry.” They go on to say that they are our biggest fans! Here’s why they love us: “the meters are amazingly accurate and strong…. they can alert you when there’s a leak and can save you thousands of dollars a year.”


Here’s what one client had to say about the ease of working with us in his park, getting the submeters installed and gathering information from the software starting on day one:


“It really gives peace of mind to me and my tenant, knowing our billing reflects exactly their use.”




If you’d like to keep your head above water and get your community submetered the right way, call 303-217-5990. The sooner we talk, the sooner you’ll be up and running and saving money.