Meet WaterScope

WaterScope is the world’s most powerful  Meter Data Management System.  It leverages the finest granularity in the AMI industry with sub 1 gallon data reported in 5 minute and now even optional 1 minute time buckets to allow analytics never before conceivable.   

New breakthroughs with machine learning algorithms interpret the incoming data for the user down to a level of dissecting household water usage by fixture.

Best of all, the system utilizes the existing Verizon LTE cellular network as its backbone, so the wonders of the WaterScope VN system are available to user of all sizes from the nation’s largest water utilities to even single home owners.

Residential Water Meters

The Spectrum Single-Jet Meter is the widest range, single measuring element
meter available to U.S. utilities. The Spectrum residential meters are designed
for extremely wide range and long-term accuracy. The single-jet technology is
highly impervious to dirt, sand or grit in the water system. The combination of
design simplicity, superior grade materials, and high quality manufacturing
standards allows for years of virtually new meter performance with no
maintenance. Application is perfect for MHP’s, commercial-shopping centers,
apartments and multi-plex.

Metron Master Meters-Commercial

Metron Spectrum Single-Jet Master Meters give Mobile Home Communities,
Shopping Centers and Multi-Family Structures the ability to measure 1/4 GPM
flows (and below) on 1 1/2″ and 2″ meters accurately. Metron Master Meters
are installed on the main water line entering the park and on lateral lines
distributed throughout the park or complex. In conjunction with your
Submeters, a Metron Master Meter gives you full access to the most
advanced consumption analytics on the market. WaterScope, our online data
portal, automatically analyzes the consumption of the Master Meters with the
Submeters with emergency leak detection when an infrastructure leak has
occurred. We offer Master Metering Solutions for every application with meter
sizes ranging from 1-inch to 8-inches!

Metron Sustainable Services is the only full-suite water utility management system
for mobile home parks, manufactured home communities, land lease communities, apartment complexes and HOAs.
submeters installed
communities managed
water use reduction


Reduce your expenses with submetering


Turnkey water submetering system experts


Install a submeter outside each home to monitor water consumption.
View down-to-the-drop water use for every household with WaterScope.
Detect leaks, fix problems and invoice residents for only the water they use.



Increase the value and profitability of your property while you conserve water


Our smart water submetering system gives you the actionable data you need to better serve your residents, address fixable issues and conserve the precious resource of water — all while increasing overall community revenue.



Find leaks that cannot be easily seen or heard, and fix them before they cause major property damage.


When submetering is installed in a community, total consumption can drop by 30% or more.



For a small investment, submetering will help you prevent costly repairs, manage cash flow and increase property value.


Residents pay based on their individual consumption — the fair way for you to reduce costs while helping residents monitor water use.



Take charge of your most important resource.



Our system is ideal for mobile home parks, manufactured home and land lease communities, multifamily housing, rental properties and HOAs.


Our submetering experts will design and install the right water utility management system for you, whether you’re building a new community or upgrading your existing property.


From installation to invoicing, we offer solutions for fast, fair and clear individual water bills directly from existing management tools like Rent Manager and Manage America.



Case Study

Point Management
Ohio communities switch to Metron submeters and save an average of 30% on monthly water bills.


“We now have the ability to identify problems much faster, and we’ve seen overall water consumption decrease.”
— Stewart Winkler, Principal, Urban West Ventures
“Our system has worked perfectly. Over the past 18 months, we’ve only had two leaks.”
— Alain Cailler, Owner, Center View Estates
“With submetering, we can pinpoint leaks and bill back for water usage to tenants.”
— Stewart James, Client Success Manager, Trubuild Property Management

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